How Can Conscious Consumerism Change the World?

How Can Conscious Consumerism Change the World?

Consumerism Changing the World Works

Everyday provides a variety of situations that we need to deal with one way or another.  What is the best way to remove that old pet urine stain and smell eliminator in the den? How can I get rid of that stinky litter box odor?

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Empowering the Pet Lover Consumers

We believe, that empowering the consumer to give back and create a personal, meaningful, experience will help make the world a better place. A place where our dollars can act as a catalyst to accomplish the changes we want to see in the world. As consumers, we have a lot of power. Companies big and small react to how we spend our hard earned cash. As a result, the daily purchasing decisions we make have the ability to positively affect the fabric of our society. The practice of knowingly putting those decisions and that money to work in a positive direction is called conscious consumerism.

It is the seemingly small everyday choices that have the power to truly impact our lives.

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Here at Skout’s Honor, we think that if a company can play a role in providing the opportunity for customers to make conscious decisions that help shape the world in positive way it should do so with gusto. We believe, that by offering the consumer the best pet products and the opportunity to give back and encouraging them to feel good about the positive impact that result from their choices, we can help move one step closer towards the world we want to live in, together.

 - The Skout’s Honor Family

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