Superbugs and Dental Disease – Why Wanton Use of Antibiotics for Dog Ailments is Dangerous

Superbugs and Dental Disease – Why Wanton Use of Antibiotics for Dog Ailments is Dangerous

Can probiotic pet grooming help reduce the need for antibiotics? This is incredibly important these days, considering our abuse of antibiotics.

The world is currently dealing with the emergence of microorganisms that are resistant to even the strongest of antibiotics. These bugs have adapted and evolved to the point that the medical and scientific community have started calling them “superbugs”.

Unfortunately, these organisms are threatening the very existence of humanity and our favorite pets –dogs. This is largely because they’re consistently evolving and beating the effectiveness of newer, more powerful antibiotics.

But this didn’t just start all of a sudden. Humanity is largely responsible for this new shift in the evolutionary capabilities of these microorganisms. We routinely use antibiotics for the slightest of health conditions for our dogs, and pets.

Antibiotics are Frequently Used Wrongly

Antibiotics shouldn’t be used for just about any condition, it should only be used in emergencies and upon recommendation. There are other treatment options available that do not require the use of antibiotics.

As a rule, all pet owners and animal doctors need to switch their treatment regimens to using antibiotics only when it’s very crucial. It shouldn’t be a first-line treatment or the first option for every condition.

This way, the antibiotics can become truly effective and powerful enough to treat the necessary conditions that they ought to treat. The good news is that all life-threatening infections and diseases can be truly combated with the introduction of antibiotics.

But to do this effectively, it’s important to highlight infections and conditions that are considered serious enough for a course of antibiotics in your dog and those that aren’t.

This way, it’ll be easier to prevent your dog from being exposed to certain health side effects that come with consuming too many antibiotics. One of these major conditions is dog dental disease.

Dental Disease and Antibiotics

Many pet owners routinely use antibiotics for dental disease in their dogs. Yet, this is highly unnecessary. Dental disease in your canine friend is pretty common. In fact, if your dog eats a lot of kibble, you can be sure that your dog will develop serious dental problems.

This is a pretty simple problem that can be resolved by simply taking them off the diet for a bit, and applying other treatment methods. The thing with kibble is it causes food residue to stick to the teeth.

This produces a result that’s similar to when humans have plaque in their teeth. The residue buildup results in excess bacteria trying to breakdown the food particles.

Left for too long, this results in cavities in humans. In dogs, however, this results in tooth discoloration, receding gums, and abscess in the roots of their teeth. If the root abscess lingers for long enough, it can result in a fracture of the jaw.

Non-Antibiotic Treatment and Prevention Options

When this happens, many veterinary doctors just prescribe antibiotics to treat dental disease. Yet, there’s an alternative treatment option in the form of calculus removal –this is like plaque in the human teeth.

However, calculus is only removable if it’s caught on time. The best way to make sure your dogs don’t develop dental disease in the first place is to have a healthy dental routine for your dogs.  

Brush their teeth frequently, use dog toothpaste if possible, and place them on natural foods. Whole foods and balanced diets are great for your dog’s dental health. Don’t joke with this. This helps with improving the microbiome in the guts and mouth of the dog.

Then, administer probiotics and dog products like those from to help introduce good bacteria in their mouth and guts. Follow these tips and you won’t have to worry about your dog losing their teeth and developing dental disease.

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