Skout’s Honor Earth Day Hacks!

Skout’s Honor Earth Day Hacks!

Celebrating Earth Day with Eco-Friendly Pet Products

Skout’s Honor is an environmentally and socially-conscious company. So we do everything to create and manufacture eco-friendly pet grooming and cleaning products. 

Environment Friendly Pet Grooming Products

We love your pets but we love our environment too so be assured with each pet product you bought, you contribute in the goal of protecting our planet while keeping your beloved furrbabies safe and comfortable.


Toy & Bowl Cleaner

Pet Toy and Bowl Cleaner Product

Not only is our Toy & Bowl Cleaner a safe and effective way to clean your pet toys and bowls – but wait until you try it on your wine glasses, kid cups/dishes and even pacifiers!
PRICE: $9.99





Probiotic Daily-use Products

Pet Probiotic Grooming Supplies

Yes, we designed these products to be the best natural grooming solution for your pets…but guess what? You’ll love to use them too! Our Probiotic Daily-use Detangler doubles as a hydrating body lotion and our Daily-use Deodorizer works great as an underarm deodorant spray, offering long-lasting odor control!
PRICE: $12.99 & $14.99


Odor Eliminator

Pet Odor Eliminator

Sometimes you can’t blame the dog. Nasty odors can exist anywhere (and everywhere)! Try spraying our Odor Eliminator on stinky sports gear, car seats, diaper pails, garbage disposals…you name it!
PRICE: $14.99

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