Which Skout's Honor Grooming Products are Best for My Pet?

Which Skout's Honor Grooming Products are Best for My Pet?

Which Skout's Honor Grooming Products are Best for My Pet?

We sat down with Professional Groomer, Sarah Douglas of Scrub -A-Pup in San Mateo, California. To figure out the best combination of pet grooming products that fit your animal's specific skin and coat needs.

Best Grooming Products for Any Type of Coat
Tony the Doberman Shampoo and Conditioner

(Toby the Doberman)

Smooth - Short Coat (like Dobermans and Greyhounds)

Your powerhouse combo consists of the Probiotic 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner to provide a deep clean with conditioning finish. Follow up the bath with a nice mist of Probiotic Dog Deodorizer spray for lasting freshness and coat support.  

Phoebe the Border Collie Best Probiotic Shampoo and Conditioner

(Phoebe - Border Collie)


Medium Coated-Double-coated (like Border Collies and German Shepherds)

Your go-to line should be Probiotic Shampoo to get the undercoat moving and help with excessive shedding. For the second step, use our Probiotic Conditioner to maintain coat health and leave them feeling soft, smooth and shiny. For those stubborn mats and tangles, there is nothing better than the ultra-hydrating Probiotic Pet Coat Detangler. A few sprays before and after the bath will help with brushing out the coat, as well as prevent them from getting excessive matting and tangles for a longer period of time. (Also helps with static)!

Ollie the Shitzu Shampoo and Conditioner with Probiotic Formula

(Ollie - Shitzu)

Long Coated (show breeds)

These heavy hitters need the whole nine yards when it comes to grooming products. Breeds like Shih Tzus and Yorkshire Terriers do not go without the Probiotic Shampoo to rid them of the git and grime, followed up with Probiotic Conditioner, so their fur is properly moisturized. Use the Probiotic Detangler for any matting or tangles (common for this coat type) and a nice spray of the Probiotic Deodorizer to keep them looking, feeling and smelling fantastic.

Kiki the Poodle Shampoo

(Kiki- Poodle)

Curly Coated (like Poodles and Bichon Frise)

These breeds have high-maintenance coats just like long coats, so it's important to stock your arsenal with all the essentials. Probiotic Shampoo to get their coat nice and clean, Probiotic Conditioner to keep their coat moisturized and healthy. Address any heavy tangles and matting with Probiotic Detangler and finish with a nice mist of the Probiotic Deodorizer. This will keep the coat thriving and healthy. Your dog will be so soft and cuddly!

Mickey the Border Terrier Shampoo

(Mickey- Border Terrier)


Wire Coated (Jack Russells and Border Terriers).

Make sure you have what you need on hand for bath days. Get past the dirt and grime with Probiotic Shampoo to ensure a good clean, paired with Probiotic Conditioner to moisturize and promote a healthy coat. Follow each bath with a few sprays of Probiotic Deodorizer in your favorite fragrance to ensure a happy, healthy, fun loving friend.

For tangled messes, always remember to have a bottle of Probiotic Detangler on hand as well. A lot can go into making your Dog happy, healthy, and clean. Just remember to do your best with keeping up on their bathing needs. This will help with their overall health and wellness.

Pet Grooming with Probiotic Formula

More About our Grooming Line:

Grooming Products are available in the following fragrances
  • Honeysuckle
  • Lavender
  • Dog of the Woods (sandalwood vanilla)
  • Hypoallergenic Unscented

Daily-use essentials are excellent products to have on hand to keep them feeling and looking fresh in-between baths.

Hydrating, supportive nature of these products will not dry out the skin and coat so can be used as frequently as you like.

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