Skout’s Honor Cat Products Featured in Modern Cat Magazine!

Skout’s Honor Cat Products Featured in Modern Cat Magazine!

We are thrilled to have both Skout’s Honor Litter Box Deodorizer and Urine & Odor Destroyer featured in the Fall-Winter 2016/17 issue of Modern Cat Magazine!

Featured in Modern Cat | Best Cat Urine and Odor Remover at Winter/ Fall Issue 2016

Skout's Honor in Modern Cat Magazine!

Cat Litter Box Deodorizer SpraySkout’s Honor Litter Box Deodorizer was the chosen deodorizer in the article, 6 Ways to Make Your Litter Box Better. They “love it, not just because it works – goodbye litter box smell! – but because it’s non-toxic, biodegradable, eco-friendly, and free of harsh chemicals, meaning you can make that litter last a little longer and freshen everything safely and responsibly!”

Cat Urine and Odor RemoverCat Urine & Odor Destroyer was chosen as a “purrfect present” in the cat lover gift guide. “This must-have product is the most powerful cleaner on the market and is safe to use around pets, family, and home!”

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  • Doug Swarts