Skout’s Honor Featured in Oct. 2019 Country Living Magazine

Skout’s Honor Featured in Oct. 2019 Country Living Magazine

Proudly Featured on October 2019 Country Living Magazine

Featured in Country Living Magazine October 2019 Issue | Best Skunk Odor Eliminator

We are excited to announce that Country Living Magazine featured our Skunk Odor Eliminator in their October 2019 issue!

In the Creature Comforts section, Skout’s Honor Skunk Odor Eliminator took a Best in Show Pet Award for “Best New Picks for Pets”.

Best New Pet Products 


Organic Skunk Odor Eliminator

This beloved purveyor of non-toxic products offers a country house must-have: emergency de-skunker. $13;

How Skunk Odor Eliminator Works?

Once you spray Skout's Honor Skunk Odor Removal Product it breaks down and destroys skunk spray odor molecules reducing the super stinky smell on your house.You can use our skunk smell eliminator anywhere you like on your pets or even the surfaces where the stinky skunk odor stays.

Our organic skunk smell removal products can be use indoors or outdoors as we create water-safe odor removal sprays. 

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