Pet Business Magazine & Skout’s Honor: “Staying Clean & Going Green”

We have been proudly featured in the July 2016 issue of Pet Business Magazine in the "Staying Clean and Going Green" article.

“We believe that empowering our customers to give back through the opportunity to create a personal, meaningful experience of helping an individual animal, will help make the world a better place. So we created the Skout’s Paw Pledge: together with our customers, we will feed a shelter animal in need for one day with every Skout’s Honor product sold.”

"The California Green Chemistry (CGC) initiative played a key role in the development of our BioKore™ green technology, which is proprietary and exclusive to Skout's Honor," reveals Stirling. "The CGC initiative mandated that manufacturers produce safer, more environmentally-responsible products and less waste and effectively forced the best minds in the business to go back to the drawing board and reinvent a better (and safer) way for how we handle stain and odor removal."
– Pete Stirling, VP of Customer Development for Skout’s Honor