Skout’s Honor Cat Urine & Odor Destroyer: A Great NY Resolution Product!

“Play more, travel, get fit, eat healthier, live cleaner – let’s tackle those New Year Resolutions!”

This month,, a lifestyle magazine for modern cats and their companions, is featuring a great list of cat cleaning and grooming products that will “help enrich you and your cat’s life and meet your resolutions too.” We are proud to say that Skout’s Honor’s Cat Urine & Odor Destroyer made the list!

Skout’s Honor Urine & Odor Destroyer quickly removes cat urine, vomit, hairball, feces, marking scent, spray stains & odors! Whether your resolutions are to be cleaner, be greener, or even give back more, Skout’s Honor is here to make them easier to attain!

Click HERE to see the full list of products, and thanks again to Modern Cat for the feature!