Skout's Honor Wins Pet Insight 2020 Vanguard Award

This month (May 2020) Pet Insight presents its annual Vanguard Awards, which spotlight a select group of manufacturers that are driving category growth with innovative, relevant and solutions-based products.

The Pet Insight staff would like to once again congratulate Skout’s Honor on being recognized as a Vanguard Award recipient in the Grooming category.

"Our products are made to address the daily needs of our customers to ensure a happier, healthier life for the pet." said Pete Stirling of Skout's Honor." One of the things we pride ourselves on is providing previously unattainable results from existing products."

When it comes to grooming, Skout's Honor advocates getting ahead of skin issues that arise in pets. "Topical Probiotics are the foundation of our line," said Stirling. "The benefits are just starting to be understood, but our customers love the results and that is what really matters to us. The common assumption in the pet grooming aisle is that the best approach to solving skin issues with grooming products is to treat the symptoms. However, this typically locks the poor animal into a cycle of 'treat and repeat.' Our products address the underlying cause of skin problems, so that pet parents can break that cycle of treat and repeat and achieve ongoing health for animal's skin and coat."

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