Macon Brock

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Macon Brock 
Founder and Chief

El Presidente. Fearless leader. Power broker.

A serial entrepreneur (with a keen eye for branding and design), Macon has the magic touch for building brands that create impact and it is through his creative vision and direction that Skout’s Honor came to life.


“To experience the exponential growth of a brand in a short period of time is like nothing else, but what really drives me is hearing how we are making an honest difference in people’s lives everyday. There is nothing better than hearing those individual success stories. I’m also very proud to have a great crew of people who really care about what they do. We wouldn’t be here without them.”

Macon likes to spend quality time with his family, two bull-headed bulldogs (plus 3 birds and a couple of geckos), surfing, snowboarding and fast cars!