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How to Remove Old Pet Stains From the Carpet. (The Really Stubborn Ones…)

People are always asking us,What is the best way to remove [pet] stains from my carpet?” Generally speaking, a little Skout’s Honor Urine Destroyer or Stain & Odor Remover will go a long way towards eliminating even the most stubborn pet stains and odors. However, some special love and attention can really help out when dealing with old, dried up or large stains that have penetrated deep down into the carpet padding.

Breaking Down Carpet Stains and Odor 

Skout’s Honor with BioKore™ goes to work fast to breakdown and separate stains from the carpet fibers on contact. However, some customers were asking for special assistance with really stubborn old stains. What we are seeing is not that the product didn’t work, but that blotting alone wasn't enough to pull the newly dissolved stain and product out of the carpet.

What do you do when blotting simply isn’t enough? You call in the big guns! Time to breakout some water and a wet/dry vacuum. If you followed the directions and saturated the stain, along with the recommended perimeter, then that stain is done, gone, finished. The active ingredients in Skout’s Honor cleaners have a strangle hold on that stain and are not letting go! Now it is time to go ballistic on its keister and help it get the heck out of your carpet. So here is a little how-to for those worst case scenario stains.

How to Saturate and Destroy the Pet Poop and Urine Stains

Step 1: Saturate the area with a Skout’s Honor cleaner. (The Pet Stain Carpet Cleaning Kit is optimized for carpet, but any will do the trick) Make sure to follow instructions. (If you have already done this, skip to Step 2.)

Step 2: Re-saturate the area with water. Get it wet! The goal is to give the active ingredients in Skout’s Honor something to hold onto for the trip out of the carpet. You can’t use too much, but no need to flood the house. 

Step 3: Hit it with the wet/dry vacuum. Make several passes until all the liquid is removed from the floor.

WARNING: The carpet will remain damp, but it is OK to let it dry naturally. Take that time to figure out what you are going to do with the rest of your carpet, since you now have an extremely clean spot that makes the rest of the flooring look dirty.

 Hint: This same technique works for removing urine and feces stains from pavers and other porous concrete. You can skip step 3 - just hit it with the hose and let water do the work.


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17 Sep 2015

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