General FAQ

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Where are your products manufactured?

All Skout's Honor products are manufactured in the United States.

How does the Skout’s Honor Paw Pledge feed an animal in need?

Together we provide a day's worth of food to an animal in need with every purchase. We partner with Greater Good Charities | GOODS Program who handles all distribution and logistics to get food to the animals in need. Together we can nurture more adoptable pets and make a greater impact!

How does Greater Good Charities | GOODS Program get the food and who does it go to?

Each year, millions of pounds of nutritious pet food are donated by brand name manufacturers for delivery by Greater Good Charities | GOODS Program to pre-qualified animal welfare nonprofits throughout America. Your purchase of Skout’s Honor products supports freight-paid deliveries to smaller, less visible nonprofits that have limited access to resources. Visit Greater Good Charities | GOODS Program website for more information, including recipient guidelines and to apply for a donation.

Where can I find your safety data sheets?

Please reach out to us at and we’d be happy to help you!

Are your products ever tested on animals?

Never! We never test any of our products on animals and are proud to be a certified cruelty-free company!

Is Skout’s Honor safe to use around my family, pets and home?

Yes! We pride ourselves in being an environmentally and socially responsible company. All Skout’s Honor products are plant-based, biodegradable, eco-friendly and safe to use around pets, the family and home.

Order Support FAQ

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What if I’m not happy with my purchase?

We want you to have a great experience with Skout’s Honor and plan to earn your trust through reliable product performance and outstanding customer service. Please contact us if you are unhappy with Skout’s Honor for any reason, so we can personally take whatever steps are necessary to correct your problem and make your experience with our company a positive one! Call us at 877-805-0399 or email us at

How do I track my package?

Once an order is placed and fulfilled, you will receive a shipping confirmation via email. Keep an eye out for your shipping confirmation in the email inbox associated with your account.

What if my package/products arrives damaged?

We’re sorry to hear that your package didn’t arrive as expected! Please email and we’d be happy to assist you further!

Do you send samples?

Thanks for your interest in giving our products a try! While we don’t have a sample program at this time, we do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Please email for product recommendations.

Do you have discounts or promo codes that I can use on my order?

Have you signed up for our email newsletter and SMS list yet? You’ll be one of the first to know about product launches, promotions, and other Skout’s Honor related news!

Do you ship to Canada?

Most of our products are shippable to our customers in Canada. If a product does not ship to Canada, you will see a ‘DOES NOT SHIP TO CANADA’ icon on the individual product page.

Stain & Odor FAQ

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What is BioKore made of? Do your stain & odor products contain enzymes?

  • Vegetables! There are other veggie-based detergents out there, but none work as well as BioKore™ and that is what makes it so cool. Technically, it is a surfactant (or surface tension reducer) and works by saturating and absorbing the stain through osmosis, then breaking it down. The process makes it easy to remove even the most stubborn stain from any water-safe surface quickly, efficiently and safely with no toxic residue.
  • We do not use enzymes in our stain & odor products. We use a plant-based surfactant technology that works similarly to enzyme-based products. The benefit to our non-enzyme cleaners is that they work instantly, are not affected by temperature, don’t expire, and require no pre-treatment.

What is the plant-based fragrance in your product made of?

We like to refer to our stain & odor products fragrance as “naturally sourced." It is a trace fragrance derived from citrus pulp (the white stringy stuff in citrus fruit) and terpenes (the essential oils of plants) leftover by manufacturing in the pulp and paper industries, which would otherwise be discarded as waste. The ingredients are then distilled into the aldehydes and ketones that make up our fragrance. This process is considered to be more “green” than the use of essential oils, because it utilizes what would otherwise be discarded as industrial waste and gives it a second life as an up-cycled fragrance. As always, everything we do is influenced by and manufactured under the watchful eye of the California Green Chemistry Initiative to provide safer and more environmentally friendly household products. For further assurance, we adhere to the International Fragrance Associations Code of Practice. The IFRA Code of Practice is a comprehensive document that supports the IFRA commitment to provide products that are safe for use by the consumer and to the environment. Visit for more information.

Is there a difference between all of your stain & odor products? Which product do I need?

While our stain & odor products are dedicated specifically to different pet messes, many of them can be used interchangeably since most of them have overlapping results. Please feel free to reach out to us if you need a recommendation!

How do I use your stain & odor products? Do I need to dilute?

  • Apply the product to the surface and let it sit for about five minutes. Then use a highly absorbent and colorfast cloth to soak up the excess moisture (this is key). Allow the area to dry naturally. Not recommended for untreated hardwood, silk, wool, and leather. Be sure to spot test in an inconspicuous area first before full application. 
  • Diluting our stain & odor products is not necessary but can be done especially if you are treating a large area. Our recommended dilution ratio with water is 1:1 for our cleaners.

I’ve followed the directions on the bottle and can’t seem to get the stain and/or odor out? What now?

  • If you followed the directions and saturated the stain, along with the recommended perimeter, then that stain is done, gone, finished. The active ingredients in Skout’s Honor stain & odor products have a stranglehold on that stain and are not letting go! Now it is time to help it get the heck out of your carpet. So here is a little how-to for those worst case scenario stains…
  • Step 1: Saturate the area with Skout’s Honor Stain & Odor Remover, Urine Destroyer or Urine & Odor Destroyer. Make sure to follow the instructions. (If you have already done this, skip to Step 2.)
  • Step 2: Re-saturate the area with water. Get it wet! The goal is to give the active ingredients in Skout’s Honor something to hold onto for the trip out of the carpet. You can’t use too much, but no need to flood the house.
  • Step 3: Hit the area with the wet/dry vacuum. Make several passes until all the liquid is removed from the floor. 
  • WARNING: The carpet will remain damp, but it is OK to let it dry naturally.
  • Hint: This same technique works for removing urine and feces stains and odors from pavers and other porous concrete. You can skip step 3 - just hit it with the hose and let the water do the work!
  • If you are having a tough time with a stubborn stain and/or odor, you are not alone! Give us a call at (877) 805-0399 or email and we will personally diagnose the issue and develop a plan to permanently remove that stain and/or odor from your life!

Can I use your stain & odor products on my hardwood floors?

Wood flooring is tricky. Most hardwood surfaces are not water-safe, so it is not recommended to use Skout’s Honor on those surfaces. If you know your hardwood flooring is sealed with a water-safe sealant, you should be good to use Skout’s Honor on it, but it is always best to test a small, inconspicuous area first for colorfastness and to make sure the surface won’t be damaged. We also recommend you contact the manufacturer of the flooring for the best cleaning tips.

What makes Skout’s Honor better than other pet stain removers?

Our professional strength stain & odor removers utilize our proprietary BioKore™ technology. This revolutionary cleaner combines the properties of an industrial strength surface tension reducer and powerful solvent, to lift and dissolve stains on contact. It is truly the next generation of green cleaning technology! And unlike enzyme based products that are only effective for 12-24 months after production and are very temperature sensitive, our stain & odor products are built tough and do not have an expiration date! Our products will last indefinitely if kept out of direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

Do your products permanently remove odors?

Yes! They contain a proprietary ingredient that breaks down foul smelling odor molecules on contact, specifically sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide

Grooming & Wellness FAQ

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What are the benefits to using probiotics on my pet?

The skin is home to trillions of bacteria, some good and some bad. The good bacteria serve as the first line of defense against the environmental damage and inflammation commonly associated with excessive shedding, itching, dryness, infection and odor. When applied to the skin, probiotics make it difficult for harmful bacteria to take over and allow the good bacteria to flourish, producing a noticeably healthier-looking skin and coat. The probiotics in our skin care products do not directly treat, prevent or cure any ailment or disease. Our probiotics are designed to support and help maintain the naturally occurring beneficial bacteria that live on the surface of the skin. Proper and regular use will allow the host animal to enjoy all the benefits of a properly supported and maintained naturally occurring beneficial bacterial community.

If beneficial bacteria are naturally occurring, why do they need to be supported with a topical probiotic?

  • The skin biome is passed down from mother to offspring and is constantly evolving over the course of a pet’s life. Environment, interaction with nature and lifestyle impact the makeup and health of the skin’s biome. Prior to modern times, animals were genetically suited to their specific environment. Today we choose our animals more for cosmetic value and/or temperament than whether or not they are well suited to the local climate and restrict their interaction with nature in an effort to keep our homes clean. Increased reliance on anti-bacterial cleaners complicate things further and make it more difficult to re-establish or maintain beneficial bacteria that would typically be supported through exposure to nature. Topical probiotics allow owners and pets to have the best of both worlds: a clean environment and a naturally supported biome. 
  • Benefits include prevention of infection, rehydration of dry and flaky skin, relief of sores, hotspots, inflammation and itch, repair and prevention of hair loss, matting and excessive shedding, restoration of coat’s texture and shine and an improved natural odor control. Animals with skin conditions related to an imbalance in the skin’s biome will experience issues less frequently, for a shorter duration and recover more quickly.

How often can I bathe my pet with the Probiotic Grooming Products? What if they have sensitive skin?

For healthy animals, the recommended washing interval is once every 2-4 weeks. However, you may feel free to wash as often as you like, because the probiotic kefir supports the skin’s natural biome and doesn’t disrupt it. 

For animals with chronic skin issues, it is best to bathe the animal once every 3 days for the first two weeks, then once a week until the skin normalizes. We highly recommend using a daily-use product, like our Daily-use Probiotic Deodorizer or Daily-use Probiotic Detangler. The daily-use products will provide a much needed boost of probiotic to those trouble spots. You are fine switching to a monthly or bi-monthly routine once the skin has normalized. Diluting the shampoos can also make it much easier to spread and lather throughout the coat and rinse out, plus it is super easy to do! Simply pour roughly 1 FL. OZ. (one shot-glass full) per 20-pounds of doggie into an old water bottle or dilution bottle (available on our website!) and top off with water. Don’t worry about over diluting, as long as the entire contents of the bottle get on the animal you’ll be just fine. Massage into the skin with both hands for up to 2-minutes and rinse out.

Note, while our Probiotic Shampoo+Conditioner formula is gentle, we recommend using our Probiotic Itch Relief Shampoo for pets with sensitive skin. It contains cleansing and hydrating properties and is both fragrance-free and hypoallergenic.

What is the difference between the Probiotic Paw Spray and Probiotic Itch Relief? Which one do I need?

Our Probiotic Itch Relief is a hypoallergenic daily-use spray with oatmeal extract that helps to calm and hydrate itchy, irritated skin. Our Probiotic Paw Spray is a non-medicated, hypoallergenic, and alcohol-free daily-use spray that helps to relieve itchy, stinky, and irritated paws. Both products can be applied daily or as needed to help soothe the skin and promote good bacteria growth in between baths.

Are the probiotic grooming & wellness products safe if licked by my pet?

Yes, these products are safe if licked in small amounts. It can be helpful to apply these products before activities such as mealtime or playtime to help distract your pet from licking!

How often should I apply the Probiotic Hot Spot Hydrogel?

Apply the Probiotic Hot Spot Hydrogel 3-4 times a day or as needed to heal and protect hot spots, cuts, and abrasions.

Are any ingredients not listed on the label?

All of our grooming products feature a complete ingredient list, including the exact strains of probiotics.

What type of fragrance is used in your probiotic grooming products?

Skout’s Honor probiotic scented grooming products contain less than 1% of synthetic fragrance. Synthetic fragrance is safe and approved for pets up to 1%. Pets are very sensitive to essential oils, and by using a small amount of synthetic fragrance, we can offer a safer product for pets, people, and home. We do offer fragrance-free (hypoallergenic) probiotic grooming products and recommend these for pets with more sensitive skin.

Do the grooming products expire?

Our grooming products don’t have an expiration date, but rather have a three-year shelf life and are best used within 12 months after opening.

Flea + Tick FAQ

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How long do the Flea + Tick products last?

They repel fleas, ticks and mosquitos for up to 2 weeks when used as directed.

Is separation in the bottle normal?

Yes! Separation is natural and may occur due to the natural ingredients. Be sure to shake well before use.

Why does the Flea + Tick Dog & Home Spray bottle not have a mist option?

Our Flea + Tick Dog & Home Spray is formulated for a more direct and concentrated application. A steady stream rather than a mist allows for a more specific and localized application.

Are the natural peppermint and cedarwood oils in your Flea+Tick products safe for cats?

We do not recommend our flea and tick products for cats and smaller pets since they can be sensitive to natural essential oils. We welcome you to review the ingredient list with your veterinarian before using it on or around your pets to ensure pet safety.

How much area does the Flea + Tick Yard Spray cover?

The Flea + Tick Yard Spray covers an area up to 5,000 square feet.

How frequently can I reapply the Flea + Tick Shampoo and Dog & Home Spray?

For best results, use the Flea + Tick Shampoo and Flea + Tick Dog & Home Spray together. Bathe your dog in our Flea + Tick Shampoo every two weeks. For more severe infestations, you can bathe more frequently. Apply the Flea + Tick Dog & Home Spray every several days for maintenance in between baths.

Can I use Skout’s Honor Flea + Tick products with other flea and tick medications?

Yes! Our Flea + Tick products can be used with other flea and tick treatments.

Will your Flea + Tick Yard Spray kill other bugs?

The essential oils in this product may deter other insects from the area.

Training FAQ

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How often do I need to apply the Super Sour! Anti Chew Spray?

Our Super Sour! Anti Chew Spray is a training tool and can be used as often as needed. Apply to surfaces to discourage your pet from licking or chewing. Reapply as needed. We do recommend using our Super Sour! Anti Chew Spray with other training resources. When applying the spray, use an assertive command such as “off” or “no”. If your pet returns to the area to lick or chew repeat the process. Consistency and repetition will help set your pet up for success. See our latest blog, How to Stop A Dog From Chewing Everything in Sight for more training tips.

How frequently do I apply the Stay Away Outdoor Bitter Spray or Stay Off! Training Aid?

Reapply these products as needed and keep in mind that as training aids, these products are best when used with additional training resources.

Does the Stop Marking! Preventative Spray need to be used with other products?

For best results, we recommend first treating the area with our Urine Destroyer to remove the urine and odor. This will make the area a less attractive place for your pet to remark. Then apply the Stop Marking! Preventative Spray to the newly cleaned surface.

Will I see immediate results with the Super Sour! Anti Chew Spray?

Every pet is different and age, temperament, breed, and behavioral patterns all play a factor. While some pets will be deterred immediately from the taste, there may be a learning curve for others. Our Super Sour! Anti Chew Spray is a training tool and can be applied as needed. See our latest blog, How to Stop A Dog From Chewing Everything in Sight for more training tips.

Is the Super Sour! Anti Chew Spray safe for my pet if they lick it?

Yes, the Super Sour! Anti Chew Spray is safe for your pet if licked.

Can the Super Sour! Anti Chew Spray be used on pets other than dogs?

Yes, our Super Sour! Anti Chew Spray can be used on other pets. Use caution when applying around pets with more sensitive respiratory systems like birds and reptiles. Using it in a well-ventilated area helps.

Is the Stop Marking! Preventative Spray safe for cats?

Due to the natural essential oils we use, this product is not recommended for cats as they can be sensitive to certain essential oils.

Cat Essentials FAQ

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Do cats really need to be bathed?

While cats are typically great at maintaining their coats, every pet is different and there are cats that do need additional assistance. Cats with long coats, senior cats or cats with disabilities may also need help maintaining their coat. Some customers have cats with various skin issues, and this has been very beneficial for them.

Since cats groom frequently, will they lose the benefits of the probiotics?

Our topical probiotics are encapsulated with a sticky outer layer which helps keep them in place once applied to the skin and coat. As the product dries, the billions of live colony-forming bacteria are then released. After 72 hours your pet will experience the full benefits!

Can I use Skout’s Honor Probiotic Skin Care products on my cat?

Yes! Our products are very safe to use on cats. Fragrances are ok to use as well, however, some cats have a sensitivity to certain fragrances, so we recommend the more hypoallergenic, fragrance-free option for use on felines and other sensitive species.

Oral Care FAQ

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Are Skout’s Honor Oral Care products safe for my pet?

Our Oral Care products are designed to be pet-friendly and safe when used as directed. We don’t add surfactants or antibacterial antiseptics that can disrupt the gut biome and are potentially harmful to your pet. The licensed and US patent-pending (Canadian Patent 2853857 secured in 2022) coativ+ technology is backed by over a decade of research and development, meeting both Canadian and US safety regulations. Coacitv+ in our Water Additives is VOHC-approved for fighting tartar, and regular use will freshen breath and promote good oral hygiene. We always welcome you to review the ingredient list with your veterinarian. A full ingredient list can be found on each product page.

How effective are Skout’s Honor Oral Care products?

While teeth brushing is the traditional standard according to veterinarians, it is not a realistic option for every pet parent. We’ve created a more convenient, solution-based alternative to teeth brushing so that pet parents can still take an active role in their pet’s daily oral hygiene. Our Oral Care line including Water Additive, Oral Gel, Advanced Dental Drops, and Dental Wipes, all fight plaque and tartar (Water Additive is proven to reduce tartar buildup by 25.4%), giving your pet noticeably fresher breath - for more kisses and cuddles! Coacitv+ is a VOHC-approved technology for fighting tartar with a liquid product, and regular use will actively promote oral health.

How does the coactiv+ technology work?

Coactiv+ technology acts as a magnet, pulling away calcium, making it unavailable to plaque on the surface of the teeth to develop into hardened tartar. Existing calcified tartar on your pet’s teeth will soften with daily use of Skout’s Honor’s Oral Care products, making it easier to remove with additional mechanical action (such as Skout’s Honor Dental Wipes, kibble, toys, or chews).

Are Skout’s Honor Oral Care products both dog and cat-friendly?

All of our Oral Care products are dog and cat-friendly.

Are Skout’s Honor Oral Care products safe for my puppy or kitten?

Our Oral Care products are best for pets six months and older or once pets have developed adult teeth. Developing strong adult teeth is vital to your pet’s health.

Can my pregnant or lactating dog/cat use Skout’s Honor Oral Care products?

Please review the ingredient list with your veterinarian before use, as they will provide the best medical advice for your pet. A full ingredient list can be found on each product page.

Which Skout’s Honor Oral Care product do I need?

Our Oral Care line was designed with your pet’s individual oral hygiene needs in mind. All of our Oral Care products freshen breath and effectively fight plaque and tartar. Need help with a product recommendation? Please contact us at or (877) 805-0399.

How long do I need to use Skout’s Honor Oral Care products before I see results?

With daily use, your pet will most likely have noticeably fresher breath within a week or less. A reduction in plaque and tartar can take around 60 days.

How frequently do I apply Skout’s Honor Water Additive to my pet’s water bowl for it to be effective?

For best results, add Skout’s Honor Water Additive to your pet’s water bowl every time you refill the bowl. Our Water Additive does not require daily water bowl changes.

How long will the bottle of Skout’s Honor Water Additive last?

When used daily, Skout’s Honor Water Additive will last approximately one month but could last longer, depending on water consumption.

Can Skout’s Honor Water Additive be used in a water fountain?

Our Water Additive can be used in a water fountain, although the product may lose effectiveness and take longer to see results depending on the filter system. Use caution when adding our Water Additive to a carbon-based water filter system. The carbon filter may trap some of the mineral ingredients and could lead to the filter clogging. For best results, we recommend removing the carbon filter.

My pet refuses to drink the water treated with Skout’s Honor Water Additive. What should I do?

While every pet is different, some are more sensitive to changes to their daily routine. To start, add only one squeeze of the product (vs. two) to your pet’s water bowl. Once your pet is comfortable with this amount, increase the Water Additive by a smaller squeeze until you reach the directed amount. If your pet still isn’t a fan of the additive, we recommend giving our other flavor option a try.

How long will Skout’s Honor Dental Wipes last?

Each Dental Wipes container includes 50 dental wipes and will last approximately one month or longer, depending on the size of your pet and frequency of use.

My pet won’t let me apply the Advanced Dental Drops or Oral Gel to its mouth. What should I do?

While every pet is different, some are more sensitive to changes to their daily routine. To help create a positive experience for your pet, we recommend incorporating positive reinforcement (lots of treats and praise) with the following steps:

Step 1: Let your dog sniff the bottle

Step 2: Remove the cap and apply a small amount of the Oral Gel or Dental Drops to your hand so your pet can see, smell, and lick it. Repeat daily for a week or until your pet is comfortable. 

Step 3: Apply a small amount of the Oral Gel or Dental Drops into your pet’s mouth. Repeat daily for a week or until your pet is comfortable.

Step 4: Expose your pet’s teeth and apply the Gel or Dental Drops to your pet’s teeth and gumline

Step 5: Wash hands after application

My pet won’t let me use the Dental Wipes in its mouth. What should I do?

While every pet is different, some are more sensitive to changes to their daily routine. To help create a positive experience for your pet, we recommend incorporating positive reinforcement (lots of treats and praise) with the following steps:

Step 1: Let your dog sniff the container

Step 2: Remove one wipe so your pet can see, smell, and lick it. 

Step 3: Gently lift your pet’s upper lip and use the wipe with your finger to clean the front teeth

Step 4: Work your way around the mouth, cleaning both the teeth and along the gumline. Take breaks if your pet becomes restless. 

Step 5: Dispose of used dental wipes and wash hands after application

Still have questions?

 Our Customer Service Team will be happy to assist you futher! To connect with a team member, please email or call 877-805-0399.