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‘The Lucky 7’ Skout’s Honor Products You’re Unlucky To Need But Lucky To Have!


You know those pet parent moments when you can’t believe what you just walked in on? Like when your dog runs inside after being sprayed by a skunk, knocks into the kitchen table, spills dinner, and then piddles all over the carpet and couch? It's extremely unlucky but something we all can benefit from being better prepared.

That's why we offer these everyday, natural solutions you will be lucky to have. Perfect for those skunky situations, unwanted gnawing and licking, dirty dog beds, greasy mishaps and even spilled wine.
Here are the ‘7’ essential pet products we are unlucky to need but lucky to have:

No. 1


Skunk Odor Eliminator

You never ever want to actually pull this one out from under the sink because it means your dog was sprayed by a skunk — again. Praise the pet gods of luck for this product; it’s No. 1 on this list for a reason.




Super Sour! Anti Chew Spray

The story is the same for most of us... “I got a puppy. They are chewing on everything. Nothing works. What in tarnation can I do?” Skout’s Honor made this anti-chew spray as a training tool to help your pet better understand what not to chew, lick or gnaw. Safe and free of alcohol.




Urine Destroyer

New messes, old messes, stubborn messes, your messes, their messes. This has been described as the Holy Grail of natural cleaning products. Suitable to use on any water-safe surface, our Urine Destroyer doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, and you’ll fall in love with how well it works.. Every time.




Pet Odor Eliminator

Who farted? No need to blame the dog when no one can smell the evidence! Skout’s Honor Odor Eliminator is great for destroying airborne odors, stale funk, smelly pet beds, stinky trash or just freshening up the home.




Probiotic Itch Relief Spray

It may seem that we often find our pets in discomfort when facing itchy skin for many reasons, from pollen to environmental allergies and even yeast. This unique formula contains oatmeal for instant itch relief and a topical probiotic blend designed to support the good, natural bacteria on your pet’s skin & coat to displace harmful bacteria and promote a happier, healthier microbiome.


No. 6


Severe Mess Stain & Odor Remover (DOG)

That “oh my goodness” problem solver. When it comes to the worst of the worst, you’re going to need the best of the best. Formulated with the absolute worst messes in mind and strong enough to tackle the most insane messes from grease to wine or pee to poo.

No. 7


Severe Mess Stain & Odor Remover (CAT)

Okay meow, not again. Is what you’re probably telling yourself. Introducing your saving grace for the most severe feline funk. From spilled milk to litter box mishaps. No matter the severity of the mess this product has it handled.

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Skouts Services

Published on

16 Mar 2022

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