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Pet Store Essentials for Your New Fur Baby

Very few things in life are more exciting than bringing a dog or cat into your world, to watch them begin their journey as your new furry family member.  When my wife and I adopted Mishka (our Siberian Husky) a few years ago, the joy and love we felt when we were blessed with her presence was truly a sublime experience.

Along with the euphoria, however, comes the reality of recognizing an important fact: a whole checklist awaits of the things you’ll need to ensure the best possible life for your newfound family member and sweet little cuddle buddy. This part can seem a little overwhelming, but fear not!  The following guide will serve as a useful roadmap of needed essentials to help ensure your new pet’s joy and wellness.  And you’ll be even happier to find that some of these essentials will help with your own sanity and increase your home’s longevity.

A Simple Start

So let’s begin with some of the basics, and then move on to a few select products that may have flown under your radar but which you’ll absolutely need. For most dogs and cats, a simple jaunt down to your local pet store will lead you to crates, plush beds, a range of toys, and a variety of treats and food. From experience, I’d recommend taking each of these home with you. Regarding nutrition, your pet will thank you in the long run if you can do a little research on which food is healthiest, and simply asking for assistance from a pet store manager can guide you to the right type of food to fit your dog’s or cat’s dietary needs. 

The best part about this initial process is that you don’t have to stress about the things you buy on the first trip, as this will be an ongoing process throughout the first few years of your pet’s life. Your animal really will tell you what they like and don’t like, and this feedback you can take (like when it comes to toy/treat selection), or leave (like when you have decided in time on the most nutritious food for them which they also seem to enjoy).

Clean Fur, Happy Skin

The items listed above (like food, treats) are the standard types of things everyone thinks about when getting a new pet pal, but some additional items in the Grooming category are just as important.  Only recently has the grooming section at pet stores, and the selection offered, started getting a lot of attention. Shampoos in the pet space have existed for a while, but only within the last few years did Skout’s Honor Pet Supply Company take this concept to the next level with their category-defining Probiotic Shampoo + Conditioner 2in1s. Their proprietary probiotic technology in these 2in1s contains a live, colony-forming probiotic culture, which forms a protective barrier against harmful yeast while allowing the skin’s natural biome to flourish. These amazing shampoo + conditioners are available in a range of scents you and your pet will surely love. Out with the bad bacteria, in with the good! 

In addition to their game-changing 2in1 grooming line, Skout’s Honor also has a Flea & Tick Shampoo, and a hypoallergenic Itch Relief Shampoo. The former is amazing for those living in areas prone to heightened seasonal concentrations of buggy little nuisances, and the latter is simply the best for pets that may be prone to extra itchiness and skin allergies.

The Worst Pet Messes Are Only Temporary

Imagine this: your sweet new puppy excitedly tracks in a trail of fresh mud onto your pristine snowy white carpet. Or this: your sweet kitty cat that brings in a freshly killed and bloodied mouse and gifts it to you on your pillow. The new puppy and sweet kitty cat who, in tandem, chase each other through the kitchen at dinner, knocking over two glasses of red wine all over the floor.  For pet parents, these things happen . . . all the time.

Fortunately, to combat these messy scenarios, all you really need are two things: a sense of humor, and Skout’s Honor’s Severe Mess Stain & Odor  formula. This powerhouse of a cleaning solution features Biokore, the company’s proprietary surfactant technology which lifts away stain molecules, separating them from the affected surface which allows for cleaning with ease. Just saturate the soiled surface, wait 5 minutes, then remove the excess moisture with a colorfast cloth. That’s it! Heavy duty messes may require a second application, but this should get your carpet, pillow, or most any surface clean as a whistle in no time.

Hopefully your main takeaway from this advice is the fact that a few simple, yet essential products (all found at your local pet specialty retailer) will place you firmly on the path to raising a happy, healthy pet. You won’t need to break the bank when procuring the items listed above.  And trust me, as someone who has bought and used each and every one of them extensively for the animals that became my family members, they will contribute to a lifetime of joy and happiness for the whole household: canine, feline & human alike.  Good luck out there!

To find a pet store carrying Skout’s Honor near you, visit our store locator: LINK HERE. 

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15 Jul 2022

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