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Keep Your Full Depawsit! | Expert Cleaning Tips for Pet-Parent Home Renters

From the endless searching to stiff competition and pricing concerns, finding a new house or apartment to rent can be quite the challenge. Factor in the prevalence of many landlords to not allow pets in their properties, or to allow pets but with an elevated security deposit, and the whole endeavor gets even trickier. It really shouldn’t be this hard, considering that roughly 30 million people in the United States alone both rent and have pets! Eventually you will find the right home for you and your fur babies, and a few absolutely-must-have cleaning products can ensure that the place stays as good as new so that your full deposit comes back to you when the lease is finally up.

Accidents Happen

You’ve finally managed to find the apartment of your dreams, in the location you wanted, for a fair enough price, and most importantly, your doggie and/or cat is totally allowed to reside there as well! Euphoria sets in as the stress melts away. Life is good. As you make your way up the stairs with that final load of belongings, you marvel at the sparklingly clean apartment with its freshly painted walls & new beige carpet. 

Simultaneously, your puppy notices the same carpet, an enticing section smack in the middle of the living room and decides it’s the perfect place to begin marking his new territory. Right after you begin to tackle this mess, Ms. Kitty jumps up on the counter and swats your coffee all over the floor which then ricochets up and drenches the wall. Less than a day into your new digs, and you’re already envisioning that security deposit as a goner. But fear not! These things happen. So let’s take a deeper dive into the solutions at your disposal.                                         

Bye Bye, Stains & Odors

The array of messes pets can make on various surfaces in your home commonly include urine, feces, and blood, and even grease or wine spills can happen during their naughtier moments. Fortunately the Stain & Odor Remover from Skout’s Honor can tackle the worst of these. Featuring Biokore, the company’s proprietary surfactant technology, the Stain & Odor Remover reduces the surface tension within the mess through osmosis, allowing the stain to be broken down and removed with ease. Especially effective on freshly soiled areas, simply saturate the affected area, wait 5 minutes, then remove the excess moisture with a colorfast cloth. Especially stubborn stains may require a second application to get that carpet looking as good as new. Yours truly has personally used this exact product for a red wine stain on a nice white tablecloth (I can’t blame any pets for this one), and it got the wine out with ease!

Keep That Carpet So Fresh & So Clean!

Cleaning a big mess off of the kitchen linoleum is one thing, but getting rid of the same from carpets can be another matter altogether. Thankfully our friends at Skout’s Honor have our backs once again with their professional strength Carpet Machine Solution. This concentrated Biokore solution breaks down pet stains and eliminates odors at a molecular level, and is ideal for cleaning large swaths of carpet. It can be added to any carpet machine, and is most effective when you are sure the vacuum sucks up any excess solution moisture. The Carpet Machine Solution is the surefire way to tackle the worst carpet pet messes and eventually get every cent of that security deposit back along with a glowing reference from your landlord!

Lingering Odors? Not Anymore!         

Not all pet messes are created equal, and certain funky specimens might leave behind a bit of their essence after the visual gunk is gone. I bet you can guess whose product has got this issue covered! Skout’s Honor’s Odor Eliminator, a mineral-based deodorizer, is super cool for two reasons: you can use it to oust odors clinging to most any surface, and you can spray it into the air to eliminate airborne odors whose cause is harder to identify. It works equally well in both instances, perfectly accompanies the previously described products, and will round out your arsenal in the constant and achievable pursuit of maintaining a spotless (and beautifully smelling!) rental home.

So with the inevitable stresses that come with the territory of renting a home, rest assured that keeping your place looking like new isn’t one of them. Even when your precious animal companions take their best shot at, shall we say, “redecorating,” just know that with the cleaning products from Skout’s Honor your apartment will remain free of pet messes and odors for the duration of your stay.

P.S. - Landlords Also Love Skout’s Honor!

While the vast majority of pet owners are both conscious of and resolute in the mission to keep the place they rent free of pet messes, sometimes a mud stain or other pet accident can fly under the radar, receiving no attention until the tenants eventually vacate. Which is exactly why landlords, property managers, and Airbnb purveyors should come to trust the stain and odor killing power of Skout’s Honor products! If a tenant leaves behind a messy carpet, funky section of upholstery, or a stain on the kitchen floor, the lineup of products described above are your ticket to maintaining cleanliness throughout the property you own and love!

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Published on

17 Jun 2022

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