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Training pets can be tough, but Skout's Honor’s Preventative Training Aids are here to help! These products are formulated to encourage positive behavior and set your pet up for success. Whether your dog is chewing on everything in the house, peeing everywhere, or marking the furniture, we've got you covered to handle all those tough training situations.

If you want to discourage licking, chewing and gnawing unwanted items, try our powerfully bitter, Super Sour! Anti Chew Spray for a strong taste deterrent to protect your shoes, laptop cords, furniture and even plants! This product is alcohol-free and safe for dogs and cats as well as the home. To keep dogs away from specific items and areas in your environment, try one of our smell deterrents like our Stop Marking! Preventative Spray or Stay Off! Training Aid. These products are made with peppermint essential oils that smell great to us, but awful to your pup!

Make sure to always tackle stains and odors first, with our Urine Destroyer or Severe Mess Stain & Odor Remover, before applying your training aid of choice. And remember, every pet is different - reapply these products as needed while pairing them with strong commands to establish a consistent training routine. The reinforcement will go a long way in getting your pet to change their behavior. And don’t forget to reward them for good behavior!