This Stuff Works!

Plant-Based Cleaning Power

Stain and odor solutions you can count on to tackle any pet mess or odor, every single time!

Award Winning Stain & Odor Solutions

Environmentally and Socially Conscious


Actually Works!

I am potty training two puppies with white carpet and I'm amazed that this actually works. NEVER found a product that actually cleans every mess but gets rid of the smell too. 


It Works Almost Immediately!

By far the best stain remover for my new home's white carpet. Gets rid of poop, vomit and cat litter mess. I think it's better than every product out there. I've tried them all. You will be impressed!


Best On The Market!!!!

Hands down the best Odor eliminator on the market. We have tried them all and this stuff is simply #1.

Eric G.

Lifelong User!

Trust me when I say that I have tried it all, but now that I found this, I will never try anything else!

Minni L.

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