Itch Relief

Collection: Itch Relief

Natural itch relief for dogs and cats with sensitive skin. Among these products that help with cat and dog skin allergy relief and itchy dog skin relief are the Itch Relief Spray for dogs an cats, the Hot Spot Hydogel, which is a great hot spot spray for dogs and cats, the Ear Cleaner for dogs and cats, which is great for yeasty dog ears, the Pet Balm for dry paws and noses, the Paw Spray that offers relief for dogs that chew on their paws as well as the Anti Chew spray that is another way to deter dogs from chewing on their paws, and our other pet grooming products that contain topical probiotics including our Probiotic Shampoo plus Conditioner, our Probiotic dog Deodorizer that is also great for cats and our Probiotic Detangler that really gets all the matts out.