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Whether you're dealing with an itchy dog, or just looking for a way to get that funky smell out of the carpet - Skout’s Honor has something for every pet-loving home and family.

A Natural Approach to a Healthier Skin & Coat

When applied to the skin, probiotics support the good bacteria and prevent the bad bacteria from taking over. Good bacteria serve as a natural defense against the environmental damage and inflammation commonly associated with excessive shedding, itching, dryness, infection and odor.

Non-Medicated, Holistic Alternatives that Help Break the Cycle of ‘Treat and Repeat’

Our Topical Probiotic Wellness line offers a preventative vs. symptomatic approach to pets’ skin care needs.  Each product contains billions of live, colony-forming probiotics that proactively build and reinforce your pet’s natural defenses to keep their skin happy and healthy.

This Stuff Works!

Surprisingly powerful and plant-based cleaning power you can count on to handle any pet mess, every single time.

Kills Fleas, Ticks, Larvae and Even Repels Mosquitos by Contact

Designed to support pet parents who prefer a nature-based approach to fighting fleas, ticks and mosquitos. Powered by nature’s most potent pest-fighting ingredients. 

Safe and Powerful Training Solutions

Encourage positive behavior and set your pet up for success with Skout’s Honor’s preventative training aid solutions.

"Just for Cats!"

Our collection of plant-powered stain & odor products and probiotic grooming and wellness essentials, designed to keep your pets happy and healthy! 

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