Superior Product & Science

Our all-natural, professional strength cleaning products offer Better, Faster, Stronger solutions to your pet stain and odor problems. Our Enzyme-free formulas are compatible with other cleaners, require no pretreatment or special storage and handling and never expire. Most importantly, they are super powerful and effective - they really work! Welcome to the next generation of green cleaning technology. 



The Original Cleaners with Deodorizer

Stain & Odor RemoverUrine DestroyerUrine & Odor Destroyer


A revolutionary green cleaning technology that breaks down and lifts away stains on contact. This unique ingredient provides twice the cleaning power by volume of traditional toxic chemical solvents, yet is rapidly bio-degradable, bio-renewable and non-toxic. So essentially, BioKore™ is tough as nails and strong like a bull, but really really nice to the environment, which is good!


 The Deodorizers

Odor EliminatorLitter Box Deodorizer

Proprietary Odor Eliminator

Our proprietary odor eliminating technology doesn’t just cover up nasty smells, it nukes foul odor molecules on contact, leaving surfaces and surrounding air smelling so fresh even your pets won’t know what happened. The best part, those odor molecules are toast, finished, never to return again, which is also a good thing!


California Green Chemistry

California Green Chemistry

All Skout’s Honor cleaning products are manufactured under the California Green Chemistry initiative. They are rapidly biodegradable, eco-friendly and free of harsh chemicals, making them safe to use around your pets, family and home.

Green Chemistry is the design of chemical products and processes that reduce or eliminate the use and generation of hazardous substances. Green chemistry is based upon twelve principles, identified in “Green Chemistry: Theory and Practice” and adopted by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It is an innovative technology which encourages the design of safer chemicals and products and minimizes the impact of wastes through increased energy efficiency, the design of chemical products that degrade after use and the use of renewable resources. (Instead of non-renewable fossil fuel, such as petroleum, gas and coal.)