Itchy Dog? Stinky Dog?

Preventative Skin Care for Pets

A probiotic grooming routine for your pet helps maintain a protective shield to strengthen their skin’s natural ability to repair and defend itself.

Probiotic Grooming


My Favorite!

This is my favorite dog shampoo! Every time I bathe my dogs they always get compliments on how shiny and soft they are! I really love the way it smells, though it's not too overpowering.


It Works Wonders!

I am pleasantly surprised by the scent of Happy Puppy. My dog feels soft and smells fresh in between washes. I would definitely recommend to everyone!

Kristel B.

The Smell!!

This product is a game changer for my dogs coat care. Not only does it helps by making brushing easier but they are less itchy and they smell AMAZING for days!!

Helen D.

Love This Shampoo!

I absolutely love this shampoo on my pups. It makes their coats super shiny & so soft. It definitely helps with shedding also. The scent is very pleasant as well.

Vickie V.

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