Made in the USA, Born In California

Skout's Honor is proud to be based in Southern California, and to produce the highest quality products for your pet right here in the United States.

Deepening Pet-Parent Bonds

At Skout’s Honor, we have redefined what to expect from pet products.
Our innovative solutions tackle everyday challenges, significantly enhancing the relationship between you and your pets.

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Socially Conscious

  • Made in the USA

Skout's Honor Prebiotic Pet Balm

A Natural Approach to a Healthier Skin & Coat

Skout’s Honor’s Probiotic Grooming & Wellness Solutions proactively reinforce your pet’s natural defenses to keep their skin happy and healthy.

What Pet Parents are Saying

"After I started using this, no more ear infections and no more trips to the vet to get ear drops! Can’t recommend this product enough!!"

Alexandria A. - Probiotic Ear Cleaner

"This shampoo is amazing and it smells so good! Love the way my dog's coat felt after using this shampoo. I also noticed a lot less licking of paws after bathing with this shampoo. I highly recommend!!"

Karin M. - Probiotic Shampoo + Conditioner

"By far the best stain remover for my new home's white carpet. Gets rid of poop, vomit, and cat litter mess. I think it's better than every product out there. I've tried them all. You will be impressed!"

Tommy C. - Stain & Odor Remover

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Skout's Paw Pledge

Buy a Bottle, Feed an Animal. Together with our customers, we provide a day’s worth of food to an animal in need, with every product sold.