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5 Ways to Establish Boundaries with Your Dog and Roommates


Needless to say, your dog gives you many reasons to smile! Since the day you drove him home, he is your special buddy, waiting desperately for you to come back home after work, entertaining your roommates, refreshing your mood and being your companion who shares, listens and cares. Even so, it’s not always so simple. Sometimes he is caught annoying others, craving attention constantly and climbing here and there and causing disturbance for the roommates, regardless of how busy you people are. 

Why Dogs need Training 

Training your dog and giving him a set of rules is vital for all of you living together. Setting boundaries will also make him stronger for the moments when you are not around. Living together in harmony is a blessing and the ultimate art of living.  Even after being trained, you can't expect him to be 100% reliable, anything sudden can be very tempting to your pump and endangering any other pet or people around you.

5 cool ways to establish boundaries with your dog and roommates are:

1. Affirm your space

Dogs are very expressive about claiming their space. They do it with body language and energy. Show him the same level of energy and sound body gestures to define your space and teach him to respect others’. If you don’t want him to sit on the couch, stand over it. Block the doorway if you don’t want him to go out.

2. Show the way

You can start by creating the rule of who goes to the door first, that’s you! You can take the help of a leash and walk ahead of him. Encourage him to follow you. Repeat this several times each day. Also take the lead for various other actions like sitting first, start eating first and start drinking first. He should follow you everytime. 

3. Train him to wait

Your dog might start “shaking” if you ‘ve taught this trick to him, as soon as you are getting him treats. Now, you must teach him further, not to do this unless asked. When they start doing the trick without being asked, pull back the treat and offer it only when they anticipate. They will get used to looking at you before doing things.

4. Correct them at the right time

The key is to create boundaries at proper timings. Stop him right there when he plans to sit on the sofa. The “Tsch” time or any of your signals is right as he is about to commit the inappropriate behaviour. In the case of a sofa, your action time begins when he’s about to jump! Be proactive. It will create a firm establishment in his mind when doing wrong.

5. Stay consistent

Practice the boundaries and be ready for exceptions. You might want him to be on the sofa sometime, it clearly has to be on your invitation. People living with you should enforce the same boundaries. If not done by anyone, the dog will get confused. Or worse, the dog might see you as a dominant master.

Setting up regulations is only effective if they become a routine in your dog’s life. Following rules one day and forgetting them the next day, will leave you nowhere, and let them think it’s okay not to listen to you every now and again. Doing these simple things, you ‘re laying down the  foundation for your dog being happier and well-behaved. 


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Published on

28 Sep 2021

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