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So You Want to Have an Easter Egg Hunt with Your Dog?

Written By: Jake Mortensen
Do you want to include your dog in the fun of Easter festivities? Though there are some important precautions to take, do not let this deter you from providing your pet with an exhilarating and stimulating egg hunting experience. Here are some fun tips to turn this exciting search into a reality for you and your pup!

Safety is Key!

We recommend avoiding the use of plastic Easter eggs. Plastic shards from crunched plastic eggs can cause potential harm and it's always better to be safe than sorry with our furry family members!
A great substitute for plastic eggs are dog-friendly easter eggs. Dog-friendly eggs avoid using breakable plastic for those eager chewers. Another option could be using dog toys that have a hole (or multiple holes) for storing treats. These can work just as effectively as the traditional eggs without the risk of injury.

Hint: Yellow and blue tinted eggs and toys are the easiest for dogs to see, so avoid using other colors as those can be more difficult to spot. If you need to use these other colors, consider lining them with black or white tape to increase visibility!

Dog-Safe Egg Fillers

When it comes to filling eggs, make it AS SMELLY AS POSSIBLE. A dog’s nose is their best tool for locating these eggs. Even poking small holes can be a great aide to them in this hunt. Traditional doggy treats can work well. Some are not as smelly as others so it may be worth picking out the strongest scented ones. 

It is also safe to use some human foods. Small bits of ham, turkey, and salmon are safe for dogs to consume and choices your dog would go crazy for. Fruits and vegetables like bananas, blueberries, and sweet potatoes are also a tasty and effective choice. To avoid overeating, make sure to use small portions. You can even mix in their normal meal by incorporating small bits of kibble into each of the eggs.

Egg Hiding Locations 

It is very important to keep track of where and how many eggs are being hidden. Whether you decide to have this hunt take place in your backyard or a park, it would be a bummer for your dog or another animal to find an egg months later and pay the consequences for consuming a spoiled treat. Hide several eggs low and obvious for them to find. In the grass and behind obstacles is great. You can also use some to provide more of a challenge. Try hiding them in brush and on top of ledges to test their skills

Positive Reinforcement

During the search, use positive reinforcement to assure your dog that they are doing well. In a joyful and upbeat voice, use statements like “Go find it!” and “Where is it?" to make the hunt more exciting for them. Make sure to lead them to the treats, especially the better hidden ones. And finally, do not get discouraged if your pup doesn’t finish the hunt. At the end of the day, as long as everyone had fun that’s all that matters!

Creating the Perfect Easter Basket

Skout’s Honor provides all the essential products to keep your pet feeling good and staying healthy so why not include those in their Easter basket?

The following are some of our Easter basket favorites:

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02 Apr 2021

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