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Essentials for New Puppy Parents

Written By: Ronnie Bridger | @kylo.the.staffy | Real Dog Mom of Skout's Honor

Welcoming a new puppy into the family is never a seamless process, from picking out the perfect name to potty training there is a learning curve for first time dog owners. As someone who has raised a few puppies and gone through the many trials and tribulations, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite products and what I think are essentials to get you started!

The first bath at home for a new puppy is a daunting task for both owners and doggos. Using a lick matt has been a game changer in making pups comfortable in the bath. You can spread things like cheese, yogurt, or peanut butter on them and it often keeps your dog distracted and at ease while you bathe them. This is a great thing to use to encourage that bath time is a good thing with positive reinforcements. On top of that, it is important to choose trusted products that you feel comfortable using on your furry friend. Skout’s Honor has a grooming kit specifically for puppies with probiotics and natural ingredients that are sure to defend against common skin problems. From my experience, new puppies often arrive needing extra love and can often have skin issues that need treating. You can feel confident knowing that this shampoo and conditioner combo is not only doing the best for your puppy health-wise, but also creating a bond during bath time. When your dog gets older, you can move onto the adult shampoo+conditioner and lavish your best friend with scents that are divine and leave fur feeling silky smooth. My two favorite scents are Dog of the Woods, which is a gorgeous deep scent that reminds me of cologne & Honeysuckle, which is so sweet and fresh.

The reality of owning a new puppy is that you will be going through A LOT of paper towels and A LOT of house cleaners. Using so many harsh chemicals in a home are not only bad for you, but bad toxins for your dog as well. Pet Urine Destroyer is eco-friendly, laundry friendly, and safe for just about any soft surface to get pesky odors and stains out. On top of cleaning just about any surface your new puppy touches, you will also be doing a record amount of laundry. Skout’s Honor has created the perfect Pet Laundry Booster to make your life easy and keep all of your pets favorite things smelling fresh and new. This is not only great for the puppy stage but this is a product you will want on hand any time your furry friend gets sick, has an accident, or just simply to boost a normal laundry load and have it turn out as best as possible! This product is plant-based and can be used to spot treat stains, so you can feel good about knowing your pet’s products will be safe and last a lifetime with the right upkeep.

If you are anything like me, your dog will soon take over every space in your life from your bed to your car. Pet Odor Eliminator is the perfect spray because it is not scented but it cancels out any pet odors and it keeps your spaces smelling fresh and clean. I have even found that this product isn't just great for pet odors but any odor in general, like gym bags, laundry, trash cans, shoes, and carpets! This product is plant-based so it is safe to use just about anywhere which is perfect for us humans and our pets. 

One of the joyous things about owning a dog is you get to discover who they are and what kind of personalities they will have. This can be such a fun part about getting to know your new pet but it can also present challenges and obstacles. Sometimes it takes a lot of learning to know what is best for your dog and new things are always bound to pop up over time, especially when they are growing. My dog developed skin allergies, which are common for his breed and after many vet visits and trying everything I could, I realized they could be heavily prevented and lessened by using the right products for him. In addition to a good diet, I use a Probiotic Paw Spray and Prebiotic Pet Balm for my dog's feet, which are a trouble area for him when allergies kick in. Cold winter months are especially rough and knowing I have products on hand puts my mind at ease for his well-being. The paw spray is safe for dogs and cats and it is hypoallergenic for pets with sensitive skin, which is something I need for my dog. It does not have harsh properties like alcohol in it which only irritates paws more, but it is full of aloe and oils to help soothe my dogs paws after allergy attacks, long walks, or being exposed to harsh conditions. It eliminates odor and prevents growth of yeast and fungus. After dealing with one paw infection and having my dog medicated, I am so thankful to have a preventative that is easy to use and something my dog is not bothered by. Having strong medications often result in puppies licking or fussing with their paws, but this probiotic spray and balm is a simple preventative that is easy on the skin and my dog doesn't even notice he is being treated. It is great for everyday use to keep him clean and healthy!

In addition to the spray, I have tried several paw balms for his irritated feet and found many brands to be sticky, heavily scented, or bothersome to my dog, while also leaving residue on my furniture. Skout’s Honor has a paw balm that is not only so easy to apply due to the large size of the container, but it is scent free, heavily moisturizing, and leaves my house spot free. It is for cats and dogs and 100% natural so I feel awesome about using it on his sensitive skin. It provides an instant relief and my curious pup has no desire to lick his paws when it is on. It is cruelty free so I also feel good about knowing these products are the best they can be. It even has Manuka honey as an ingredient so I know it is soothing and provides instant comfort to him. The best part is that this is not exclusively for paws, but also for noses which can become dry in the winter. This is a prebiotic which serves as a natural defense against environmental stress and damage to your dogs paws and nose. It works to keep all of your pets natural bacteria in and keep any harmful bacteria out to prevent infections and inflammation. This is another must have for any new pet parent, whether your fur baby has sensitive skin, is exposed to the cold, or just needs a little extra care, this is a product I am thankful to have on deck.

One of the biggest fears as a dog parent is “What if my dog gets fleas or ticks?” Prevention is key and not only keeps my dog safe, but keeps my mind at ease. Of course we are recommended by vets to give our dog topical creams, chewable, or even collars to prevent fleas and ticks, but we can also guard against these pesky things in our own homes with Skout’s Honor flea and tick products. I am always wondering what I can do to go the extra mile to prevent vet visits. My personal favorite thing to use is the home spray, because I have never seen a spray that is safe for my home and my dog. The scent is shockingly amazing, and not harsh at all which is why it is so perfect in my home. I feel great knowing I can kill fleas and ticks by contact and repel mosquitoes in a way that is safe and effective. It can be used outside as well as anywhere inside the home and even on dogs! Once your new pup is past the 12 week mark you can spray this on them to reduce the occurrence of fleas and ticks! This is great because once your new dog is vaccinated and able to go outside, you can eliminate the worry of fleas and ticks. I like to take my dog everywhere with me, which includes a plethora of outdoor activities like hiking and camping. Those activities can be dangerous because of the high likelihood of fleas and ticks, something that I try really hard to avoid. However, I am happy to report that during my dog's many adventures he has never gotten fleas or ticks. I attribute that to the preventatives I use and always making sure to check my dog thoroughly!

New pet parents often have so much to worry about when introducing new things to their puppies for the first time. Baths, training, and outdoor walks are all new things for puppies which is why having a tool belt of trustworthy essentials makes life so much easier for us humans. 

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Written by

Sara Nadeau

Published on

11 Jan 2023

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As a dog owner I found this article very helpful and will be going to skoutshonor to see what products are available for older dogs.

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