Get Ahead of Fleas+Ticks (and Mosquitoes!)

Get ahead of the summer pests

Summer is fast approaching

This means the days are getting longer and temperatures are warming. While this may be a welcome change for you and your four-legged friend, it is unfortunately also good news for more unwelcome guests – fleas and ticks. At Skout’s Honor, we’re no fans of fleas and ticks either, which is why we developed not only the best flea and tick shampoo for dogs, but a whole line of natural flea and tick products designed to keep you, your fur baby, and your home flea and tick-free all summer long.

Protect Your Pet

Because fleas and ticks feed on human and animal blood, it’s important to take the right precautions to protect you and your pet since these parasite bites are not only irritating, but can also spread disease. At Skout’s Honor, we offer a few different products that can help with this.

Flea+Tick Shampoo

Does flea and tick shampoo really work? Yes! Skout’s Honor Max Strength Flea+Tick Shampoo not only kills fleas and ticks by contact, it also continues to repel these pests along with mosquitos for up to 2 weeks when used as directed. As an added bonus, your fur baby will smell like fresh peppermint with a hint of cedarwood. It seriously smells AMAZING!

Dog & Home Spray

Skout’s Honor Flea+Tick Dog & Home Spray uses the power of Mother Nature's most potent pest-fighting  ingredients that kills fleas, ticks, and their larva by contact and repels mosquitoes. This versatile product is designed for use both around your home and directly on your fur baby, which makes it a great touch-up treatment for your pooch between baths. You can also double down on your fight against fleas with our Skout’s Honor Flea+Tick Dog & Home Kit.

Protect Your Home

Treating your fur baby should help prevent fleas and ticks from hitching a ride into your home, but for an added layer of protection, our Flea+Tick Dog & Home Spray is a great tool to help treat areas around your home you believe could be more prone to these parasites.

Protect Your Yard

At Skout’s Honor, we know the best way to solve a problem is to prevent it from even happening, so we created the best mosquito and tick yard spray to put a stop to them at the source. Skout’s Honor Flea+Tick Yard Spray uses the same potent ingredients to kill fleas and ticks, plus repel mosquitos at the source while remaining safe for pets, people, and your lawn through a handy hose sprayer bottle.

Trust Skout’s Honor for the Best Flea and Tick Protection

Don’t let fleas, ticks, or mosquitos ruin your summer, stay flea-free with Skout’s Honor. Whether you’re looking for the best mosquito and tick yard spray or the best flea and tick shampoo, Skout’s Honor has you covered! For full home and pet protection, check out our Ultimate Flea+Tick Dog & Home Kit.

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