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Halloween Safety for Pets.


Halloween Tricks and treats.  

It’s that time of year for freaky fall fun and ghoulish good times!  Some of you might be planning a party or just want to get some hauntingly hilarious photos of our favorite pets all dressed up for trick or treating! We love this time of year and most of our pets agree with us…but there are many pets that want to just sleep through the night and get to the next holiday (the one with all the food). Keep your pets safe this time of year with some basic dos and don’ts to keep your prized quadruped happy and healthy. 


Almost everything in the witches cauldron for would-be trick or treaters can be toxic to our furry friends. Be sure to keep candy up and out of reach. Chocolate, gum and most candies can be toxic depending on their ingredients.  Especially the sugar-free varieties that contain fake sugars.


Keep the treats out of reach!  


Be aware of discarded candy wrappers as they will surely attract a canine's keen nose to what was once nestled inside. These foil and cellophane wrappers can be super hazardous if ingested. A freshly carved pumpkin can be tantalizing to a pet and can cause an upset stomach to some animals that decide to give it a try. 


Halloween night can make most pups stressed and even sick to their stomach. Give them a safe place to hideout till the trick or treaters and the ghosts have all gone back to the underworld.  If your pet is cool with the ghouls, just be sure to keep their collar and ID on them just in case they decide to bolt through the door. Strangers dressed up as monsters and clowns can make your otherwise cool and calm canine suddenly scared and threatened and may act hostile and possibly try to defend its home. Be sure to ease your pet into the night to see how they react and make good decisions that will keep you and your visitors safe and your pets out of trouble. 


Pet-friendly treating  


It wouldn't be fair for all the goblins to have all the fun. Be sure to keep plenty of pet-friendly treats on hand for them as a reward for great behavior. Your local pet store will have a wide selection of tantalizing treats just for this special spooky night. Orange carrots and bones are already perfectly themed for the evening of skeletons and frightful creatures. 


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Published on

18 Oct 2021

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