How Do I Clean My Pugs Wrinkles?

How Do I Clean My Pugs Wrinkles?

I own three dogs. Betsy, my loud and proud German Shepherd. Indiana, my loyal Australian Shepherd. Then there is the queen bee of the house, my beloved Pug Peanut. I adore this dog and her breed. Overflowing with character and attitude. Perfectly suited to my heart. She requires little in the grooming department compared to her much larger long haired sisters, but she does need routine cleaning around her wrinkly, short-muzzled cute face.  I've tried a few methods in the past, but nothing is easier and faster than Skout’s Honor Grooming Wipes. These wipes come in a dispenser canister for convenience and keeps the wipes moist…nothing is worse than reaching for your pet wipes and they are all dried out and useless. Here are my best tips for Pug face cleaning I have found:

  1. Plan cleanup time around one of their many nap times…not zoomy time! 
  2. Remove a wipe from the canister and do an initial wet wipe to allow the moisture from the wipe to start breaking down the tougher stains and debris. 
  3. Take a second, clean wipe wrapped around your finger and start to gently wipe the dirty areas, rotating to clean areas of the wipe as you go. 
  4. Skout’s Honor Pet Grooming Wipes are hypoallergenic so you can use as many as needed without worrying about any allergic reactions or irritations. 
  5. Be sure to snap the lid shut when you're done (so they won't dry out!)
  6. Give that gorgeous Pug of yours a smooch and you are done!

Skout’s Honor Pet Grooming Wipes are also great for your Pugs other parts like their snouts, ears, buns and paws! Use them on their coats as well between bath days to ward off excess hair, dander and dirt. They will leave your Pugs skin and coat feeling fresh and deodorized. These are not flushable, so be sure to toss them in the waste bin.

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Skouts Services

Published on

06 Sep 2023

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