How to Potty Train Your Puppy!

How to Potty Train Your Puppy!

Puppies are pure joy and unconditional love wrapped up in a fluffy, wiggling package! And although you may be tempted to spend all your time cuddling your new best friend, starting potty training on day one is the best way to build healthy habits! All you’ll need is consistency, attention, and some patience… oh and definitely these tried and true practices :)  

Stick to a Routine

Consistency is key! That means setting up a schedule for potty breaks and feeding your dog at the same time every day. We recommend a potty break before or after everything your pup does… and yes we really do mean EVERYTHING: after waking up, before going to sleep, after naps, after playing, after eating, after drinking, after spending time in their crate and after chewing their toys! As if that weren’t enough, you’ll also want to encourage them to go every thirty minutes to two hours, depending on their age. Remember, younger puppies may need to urinate at least twice to empty their bladders, so keep an eye on them until you’re sure they are done. Oh and fun fact: puppies can sleep about 7 hours before needing a potty break! 

Pick a Potty Place 

Choose your preferred potty area ahead of time. If you have a yard, pick a specific spot they can associate with potty time and stick to it. (We also recommend keeping them on leash for this part). If you don’t have a yard and your puppy is too young to go outside, pick a spot in the house and take them to that spot consistently. A great option for indoor training is using an all-natural potty pad, this makes it easy to bring the outdoors inside! We recommend either Bark Potty - made of real tree bark, or DoggieLawn - a patch of real grass! Dogs are instinctively attracted to the smell of the outdoors so it makes puppy potty training easier and less confusing as they’ll learn that outdoor smells are the only place where going potty is allowed! 

Use Verbal Cues

Using a specific word or phrase (like ‘go potty?’ or ‘potty time!’) as a verbal cue will train your dog to do their business when and where you’re asking them to. We all know that dogs are eager to please their owners and establishing this form of communication from the get-go will help develop a healthy relationship between you and your dog. 

Give Lots of Rewards!! 

This is the fun part! Positive reinforcement is the best teaching tool you have and will help your dog understand that doing their business when asked, in the designated potty area, is a very good thing! After they have finished their business give them a treat and spend some time playing (if you’re outside this is a good time to remove the leash and let them be free!). Off-leash fun time will make sure your pup understands that potty times are good times. Solidify their good behavior and praise that pup enthusiastically every time they succeed! 

And Finally, Some Patience 

Accidents do happen, but keep in mind that your pup is always learning! If you see your dog starting to go potty somewhere they shouldn’t, interrupt them with whistling, clapping or cheerful words and tones while guiding them to the correct place. Being patient and encouraging will do wonders for your pup. And of course, remember to clean up accidents thoroughly so there aren’t any leftover odors attracting your pup to that spot again. Our Urine Destroyer was designed just for this as it works fast to remove stains and destroy odors for good! It works on carpet, furniture, bedding and any other water-safe surface.

Remember, every puppy is different, and the time it takes to potty train can vary. Stay consistent, be patient, and celebrate your puppy's successes along the way!

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Written by

Sara Nadeau

Published on

19 May 2023

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