If Your Pet Had 2024 New Year Resolutions

If Your Pet Had 2024 New Year Resolutions

As we dive headfirst into 2024, it's time to reflect on the past year and, of course, set some resolutions for the new one. But have you ever wondered what your furry friends might aspire to achieve in the coming year? Well, grab a treat and get ready to giggle, because we've uncovered the top New Year resolutions your pets might be secretly plotting!

Master the Art of Stealth

This year, your cat has decided to take ninja training to a whole new level. Expect stealthy moves, surprise pounces from behind the couch, and an overall increase in mysterious disappearances. Your feline friend is on a mission to become the master of the household shadows!

Achieve Olympic-Level Napping

While some of us are hitting the gym to sculpt those dream bodies, your pet has a different approach. Get ready for epic, record-breaking naps that could put even the most seasoned Olympians to shame. Couches, beds, and sunny spots by the window are now officially training grounds for your pet’s quest for the gold medal in snoozing.

Become Friends with the MailMan (or woman)

Although your dog may have spent all of 2023 nurturing a deep distrust for this strange man that brings packages to the door every single day, 2024 is a chance to try a new approach. First, catch the elusive human and second, beg him (or her) for pets and maybe some treats. If it happens, all will be well in the neighborhood.

Perfect the Art of the Guilt Trip

Ever tried saying 'no' to those puppy-dog eyes or the aloof, offended cat stare? Well, get ready for an upgrade in emotional manipulation. Your pets are committed to mastering the art of the guilt trip, ensuring that treats, belly rubs, and extra playtime are just a pitiful gaze away.

Destroy the Vacuum Monster

Whether your cat runs and hides under the bed when you do your Saturday morning chores, or you find yourself fighting off your dog as he tries to heel the pesky machine, be prepared to buy a new vacuum in 2024. We have it on good authority that pets across the world are determined to exterminate this strange monster machine, once and for all. 

Stop the Farting (and the ensuing embarrassment)

This one goes out to all the dogs giving you the side eye after letting one rip while you’re working from home, or heaven forbid, hosting a dinner party. They told us they all feel bad and have resolved to be good in 2024, as much as is within their power. (At least they’ve promised to stop eating the trash and other weird things that we’re all pretty sure are the real culprit). 

Finally Catch the Red Dot 

Whatever you do, do NOT let your cat find out that you control the elusive red dot. This new year resolution is imperative to your cat believing in themselves, to finding satisfaction in a day full of cat naps and 3am zoomies and long, soul-deep staring. Maybe let them catch that red dot, at least once, this new year. 

As we embark on another year of adventures with our beloved pets, let's cheer them on as they strive to make 2024 the best year yet. Whether it's perfecting the guilt trip or achieving Olympic-level napping, one thing's for sure – our furry friends are set to make this year a tail-wagging, paw-some success!

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Written by

Sara Nadeau

Published on

02 Jan 2024

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