Paw Spray VS Itch Relief Spray

Paw Spray VS Itch Relief Spray
Probiotic Paw Spray vs Probiotic Itch Relief Spray...  What’s The Difference?
Written By: Sarah Cunningham | @majorblue_goldenpup
Picture it, you’re in an isle at the pet store with one product in your hand, and in the other you have a similar product….They both seem to do the same job, but you’re just not sure which one is going to work best. I have been there! As a dog mom, I want the best for Major Blue, my golden retriever, and there’s no doubt you want the best for your pet too. When it comes to pet products, Skout’s Honor is my go-to choice, but then I found myself with the Paw Spray in my one hand and the Itch Relief Spray in the other, and I’m standing there asking myself, “What’s the difference?”. Well, if I’ve been there, then you’ve been there too. So lets break these two products down and see if one comes out on top!
How much does it cost?
What are the ingredients?
Okay, to make this easier (and shorter! Haha!) they both share the same ingredients, but there are a few differences. The Itch Relief has two extra ingredients—Avena Sativa (Oat) Meal Extract and Sodium Bicarbonate. Fun fact: the arena sativa (oat) meal extract is made from the stems and leaves of the plant, not the seed we usually associate with oatmeal. It’s also fragrance free! The Paw Spray has triethyl citrate which is a natural fragrance enhancer. Both are hypoallergenic. Both are non-medicated and alcohol free. Both are free from sulfates, parabens, triclosan, petroleum, cocabetaine, added colors or dyes, and diethanolamine (DEA). Both are NEVER tested on animals, and finally….both have live probiotics in every bottle!
Does it work?
Paw Spray: 4.4 stars based on 59 reviews (as of the day of writing this)
Itch Relief: 4.2 stars based on 115 reviews (as of the day of writing this)
I’ve used both of them at different times... I used the Paw Spray on Major when his paws smelled like corn chips. Did it work? Yup! No more smell! I used the Itch Relief Spray while dealing with a poultry allergy—symptoms included red paws and itchiness. Did it work? Yes! It brough him temporary relief--by morning his paws were less red and he wasn’t gnawing on them, so that’s a win for me!
Will I use this product?
Paw Spray: Yes!
Itch Relief: You betcha!
I feel like the Paw Spray is more designed for those toe beans, while the Itch Relief is more for all around the body. I’ve found both to be helpful, useful and effective, so I’ll be keeping both on hand in my home!
Shop Paw Spray with probiotics and Itch relief spray with topical probiotics
 Thank you Major Blue for all the Skout's Honor LOVE!