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How To Determine Your Rescue Pet’s Zodiac Sign

by Stacia Secretariat

Astrology can tell us about our personalities, tendencies and needs. But what about rescue pups and kitties with mystery birthdays? Don’t worry! There are several ways to narrow down your pet’s zodiac sign based on personality traits.

What Does Your Pet’s Astrology Sign Mean?

Before we jump into how to determine your pet’s zodiac sign, let’s first define what exactly astrology can tell us about your pet. When we talk about your rescue dog’s birthday, we’re talking about their sun sign. The sun spends a month in each sign, totaling 12 months of the year and a complete zodiacal cycle through the 12 signs. So your animal’s zodiac sign is determined by the month they were born.

In astrology, the sun describes who we are in public, the ways we’re outgoing and how we shine brightly. Sun signs are our personalities as they’re observed by others. So when you think about your rescue pet’s zodiac, think of how they interact with people, what kinds of things light them up and what they get excited about. Below you can read about each sign in-depth to determine which one best fits your furry friend.

Determine Your Rescue Pet’s Most Likely Birth Month

Sometimes when you adopt a dog or cat, the adoption agency or shelter will know an approximate birth week or month for your pet. Narrowing down your pet’s probable birth season can narrow your options and help you home in on a few specific zodiac signs. For example, if you know your rescue dog was born sometime in the spring, then you know that your dog is either an Aries, Taurus or Gemini. Narrowing by season helps you narrow down your pet’s zodiac sign as well. 

Observe Your Animal’s Personality Traits

You don’t have to have a general idea of your rescue dog’s birthday in order to determine their zodiac sign. Your pet’s personality traits give clues to what month they were born. For example, does your dog have a beloved toy that goes everywhere with them? Or are they always finding ways to round up the whole family or help out a friend in need? Then you might have a loyal, pack-oriented Cancer pup. An animal with nervous tendencies, a sensitive diet and a focus on wellness might mean you have a Virgo pet. Read more about the zodiac signs below and see which one fits your rescue pet.


Is your dog an athletic and forceful ball of energy? Bold, adventurous and daring, an Aries dog or cat is the leader of the pack. Aries pets need a lot of physical activity and might enjoy friendly competitions or wrestling matches at the dog park. These pets love charging headfirst into new territory, but they might not have long-lasting energy. Short bursts of aggression followed by rambunctious puppy-like apologies are a classic signature of an Aries pet.


Does your pet have refined tastes and thrive in stable routines? Creatures of habit and comfort, a Taurus dog enjoys the finer things in life. Whether it’s being picky about food or an insatiable appetite for treats, Taurus dogs love to indulge. You might also notice a preferred nap spot that your dog guards with tenacity and a tendency to snooze the hours away in the sunshine. Your pet might also struggle with changes in daily routines and be quite loyal to the laps of her favorite people.


Is your pet always chatting with you, curious about life, and constantly at your side? You might have a Gemini twin star on your hands. This communicative sign makes for vocal, intelligent and inquisitive pets. Their many moods are changeable, but this also makes them flexible and adaptable pets for learning new tricks or varying routines. The Gemini pet is a trickster, but always shows you exactly what kind of mischief they’re about to dive into.


Have a cozy homebody who values the feeling of being together in a pack? Cancer pets love their family above all else, and can be shy when pushed outside their familiar comfort zone. The pet of this nostalgic sign seeks validation through their favorite soft blanket and lots of reassurance from you as their parent. Cuddly yet protective over their domain, these precious babies see home as their castle, and you as royalty of the domestic turf.


Does your pet crave the limelight, always seeking to be the center of attention? If so, you might have a Leo dog or cat! This zodiac sign loves a good party and will seek out snuggles from anyone who’s available. A Leo rescue dog might adore performing tricks in exchange for praise and strives to be the very best boy. If Leo pets don’t get enough attention, they can act out loudly to demand you refocus your energy back on them.


Got a shy, nervous sweetheart on your hands? Then you might have a Virgo companion. Prone to indigestion and physical signs of stress, this sign is practical and sensitive. Virgo dogs are great service animals and love to be helpful, even if just in their own minds. They might repeatedly bring you their favorite toy as a sign of devotion or assume some other type of “job” around the house. Given a familiar environment, these animals are accommodating to your needs and live to serve their favorite people.


Is your dog photogenic and obsessed with being near your side? Sounds like you might have a Libra pet! This zodiac sign is all about balance, harmony and giving to others. It’s also a sign of a beautiful pet who maintains a well-groomed appearance. Libra dogs may feel like your “other half” and have a generally pleasant, peaceful temperament.


Quiet, mysterious and slow to trust? Sounds like you may have a Scorpio pet. This sign is an investigator, but prefers to be overtly vague with their intentions. Your Scorpio dog or cat is likely magnetic, and may attract a few admirers, but they reserve their sweetest side for private time between the two of you. This is the pet you rarely notice entering a room, and they may prefer to keep an understated or nocturnal presence or have a remote lounge spot at home that they consider a safe sanctuary.


Feel like your cat or dog has never met a stranger they didn’t like? Sagittarius pets are the playful, energetic and outgoing ones that love visiting their furry friends and taking trips with you. These pets may seem like perpetual puppies and kittens, treating life as their playground. Generally adaptable and easygoing, Sagittarius pets need stimulation and social activities to satiate their appetite for having a good time.


Is your rescue dog constantly “at work” digging holes, fetching toys and herding the crowd? Sounds like a Capricorn pet! These industrious animals feel most at ease when they’re on duty, so if there’s no job to be done, they may invent work for themselves. Easily trainable and physically durable, your Capricorn pet is a sturdy, low-maintenance friend once they find their most productive place at home. 


Got an eccentric, one-of-a-kind weirdo on your hands? Sounds like an Aquarius dog or cat! These pets are rebellious and have a mind of their own, and they likely draw attention for their unique quirks. These pets can be awkward around other animals, but probably know a trick or two that no other dog does. They can be aloof yet loyal and may prefer to have their own special bed to lounge in next to you.


Calling all cuddle bugs and sensitive sweethearts. If your cat or dog prefers to be your shadow and never turns down a chance to emotionally bond, then you might have a Pisces pet. This is an energetically attuned sign, so your dog can easily sense your mood and is on call to help you through tough times. These pets are lovers in the extreme and might get clingy without enough devoted attention from their favorite person — you!

Try Out Different Zodiac Signs To Determine the Right Fit

Narrowing down your rescue pet’s zodiac sign can be a process of observation and adjustment. Animals will each have their own unique blend of traits, with one sign that feels most dominant. Just like people, every animal’s astrology will be unique. Pick the sign that best aligns with your pet’s personality.

Stacia is a full-time professional astrologer and self-described soul cheerleader. She presides as president of the Oregon Astrological Association and teaches at the Portland School of Astrology. She is also a trained energy healer and has completed two years of study in chakra energy clearing, manifestation and clairvoyance.

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23 Apr 2021

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