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Heidi's Favorite Four Skout's Honor Products for Her Pets and Home.

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Vet & Pet Approved

“Probiotics are commonly thought of as an oral supplement used to help maintain a healthier digestive tract, however, current research is finding that regular topical probiotic use can prove beneficial to healthier skin as well. One of the most common skin conditions in our pets is skin allergies with secondary pyoderma (bacterial skin infection). Researchers are now seeing how the “healthy” bacteria applied topically with products such as Skout’s Honor probiotic shampoo and conditioners may benefit these skin conditions.”.

Veterinarian, Dr. Liz Hanson, DVM

“ I have tried so many products for my dogs. All three of my dogs have very sensitive, itchy and flaky skin so I’m always searching for a fix. The search is over since I found Skouts Honor. Hands down the best pet products on the market. The probiotic shampoo completely got rid of my dogs itchy and flaky skin and made their coats so shiny and soft. I love all the products but the one I really can’t live without is the stain and odor remover-I have elderly dogs who have accidents in the house but with Skouts Honor-people walk into our house and have no idea we have dogs. It makes everything smell clean and fresh. I could go on and on but I’ll just say if your pets are members of your family don’t you want them to have the best? “

Heidi Hamilton, Dog Mom

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