Jodi S.
I used the Laundry Booster on my dog's blankets and they came out cleaner and brighter than when I was just washing them with my laundry detergent. And for the Odor Eliminator, my husband said our bedroom smelled like dog (that's where they sleep) and he grabbed the Febreze and I said wait, and I gave him the Odor Eliminator and it took the smell away. Thank you for the great products.
Laundry Kit

Skout's Honor

Laundry Kit

Even pets have dirty laundry! Add our Laundry Booster to your regular wash cycle to remove the stains and "doggy" smell from your pet's bedding, blankets and towels. Next, follow up with a few sprays of our Odor Eliminator, to keep linens smelling fresh in between washes.


  • + 1 Skout's Honor Laundry Booster (32oz.)
  • + 1 Skout's Honor Odor Eliminator (35oz.)

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