What Will Help My Dog's Sensitive Paws?

What Will Help My Dog's Sensitive Paws?

Written By: Luba Ronis @itspuppycharlie

My dog, Charlie, is my only child. As a dog mom it’s my job keep him happy, healthy and safe. Charlie is around 4 years old and, knock on wood, generally healthy! He does however have some allergies, occasional hot spots and tends to zoomie so fast he injures his paw pads!! I’ve tried many products in the past and will be sharing some that have worked for us! Charlie lives to zoom around and explore new places and sniff all the smells! We are lucky to live in a city that has a lot of parks around us and Charlie has so many friends there that he runs and romps with! The beginning of our walks start with a sniffari (uninterrupted sniffing of the environment) followed by fetch! Once Charlie gets tired he will try to hide the ball which results in digging the perfect hole. Last weekend Charlie dug the biggest hole ever! It was such a big hole that his body almost disappeared into it! He even lost the ball in the hole; and we ended up leaving the park without it! But we know it will be a nice surprise for the next dog that finds it.

Unfortunately, on the way home, I noticed that he was licking his paws and they were red and irritated. Likely because of all of the running and digging. When we got home and he laid on the couch, I immediately reached for our Skout’s Honor Prebiotic Pet Balm. Within a few minutes of rubbing the balm into his paw pads, Charlie stopped licking and was able to pass out from all the day’s fun! Ahh yes instant relief!! I cuddled him with the confidence in knowing that his paws would be ready for the next adventure whether it be on grass, gravel, sand or snow! We use this product daily as a preventative measure to keep his paws healthy and to provide an extra barrier of protection! 

In general, because Charlie has sensitive paws (even when running on grass) I spray Charlie’s paws with Skout’s Honor Probiotic Paw Spray. Not only does the spray smell so good, but it’s non medicated, alcohol-free and hypoallergenic. I don’t have to worry about Charlie licking it off and getting sick plus I know his paws are protected and clean. A big plus is it gets rid of that corn chip/frito paw smell that tends to occur when bacteria and sweat builds up! Did you know dogs primarily sweat through the glands of their paw pads??

And our third favorite product is the Skout's Honor Probiotic Hot Spot Hydrogel. We use this also to help with the itching. It comes in handy for those difficult itchy spots. For Charlie this happens sometimes after beach walks. The sand can be rough on a sensitives pups paws, especially if he’s like mine and will zoom around and dig holes! When we leave the beach we try to clean his paws of sand and salt water as much as possible, unfortunately sometimes he gets to his paws first and will try to lick and chew on them to get the sand out and that’s when hot spots can happen. Because of the licking and moisture, the area gets inflamed and itchy causing a cycle of more licking. The Skout's Honor Hotspot Hydrogel heals and protects the site! The website even says it can be used for mild skin abrasions, lacerations, cuts, burns and other irritated skin!

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Skouts Services

Published on

14 Mar 2023

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